Private Music Therapy Sessions

ELM music therapy provides a variety of private music therapy sessions. These primarily take place in clients’ homes but can also take place in other locations. Some of these sessions are funded by the clients and their families themselves but others have been subsidised by local charities.

“My daughter Eve has been receiving 1-1 music therapy sessions with Emmeline since 2014. Eve has Rett Syndrome and other complex health needs which can limit her social ability. Eve adores Emmeline and responds by engaging and smiling during her favourite songs e.g. Miss Polly had a dolly; Shakey shake. Emmeline is patient, fun and professional. It’s lovely watching Emmeline and Eve enjoy music therapy in the comfort of our home.”

Emmeline working at ELM Music TherapyEmmeline working at ELM Music TherapyMusic Therapy Aberdeen

“My son has enjoyed music therapy with Emmeline since the age of 2. He has complex medical and developmental needs, as well as sensory related difficulties.  Emmeline is a very gentle, welcoming and compassionate person. She helps to make children feel safe, motivated and curious to explore the therapeutic benefits of music. We have seen progress in many areas of the work that they do together. Music therapy has been a central part to unlocking key aspects of his development and learning. Emmeline shows great enthusiasm and dedication to her work. She is tuned in to the smallest of details for each child and always remembers their individual likes and favourite songs. We have also been able to participate together a family in our home environment, making us all feel connected in a very positive way.”


We have been supported by Emmeline and ELM Music Therapy via our son’s school, and various other local charities that have provided music therapy sessions over the last few years. The sessions provided by Emmeline and her team introduced us to how we can help our son understand and develop through music, playing instruments and singing within small groups or individual sessions. 

We have benefitted hugely from the online support ELM has provided during lockdown. We can access the sessions whenever we wish via You Tube, sing along and join in with instruments. Our son’s reactions to certain songs and especially drumming is amazing and quite incredible to see. 

In April for our son’s 7th birthday we arranged a Zoom music therapy birthday party. We invited some of Harris’s school friends and his cousins. Emmeline led the music session, and everyone had a great time. Even the adults. It was great to see Harris’s reactions to hearing his friends and familiar songs he has enjoyed at school. This was a lovely experience as his cousins live quite some distance and they got to experience something that our son enjoys and meet his friends. 

I would recommend ELM music therapy with no hesitation. Emmeline’s approach and conduct are welcoming and reassuring. She adapts to the child and family’s needs in a very professional and knowledgeable way.

The Cameron Family

“I have been having music therapy sessions with Emmeline for over 4 years, and she has become a trusted friend as well as an inspiring therapist.

Before lockdown she visited me at home weekly, and she used the style of music I liked as the basis for singing together and playing piano (one handed) and percussion and composing.  Her enthusiasm and kindness have allowed me to express myself and find fulfilment in music, and I always end her sessions feeling elated and successful.

During lockdown Emmeline has used Zoom to continue lessons and because of my speech difficulties, has increased the use of Makaton to increase my connection with music. We have made videos and uploaded them onto Facebook and YouTube, and they have been so popular! She has also included me in a Makaton choir she runs with Nadine, a professional colleague, and it has been amazing to join others to make music. Emmeline has encouraged me to participate in teaching some Makaton songs to others in this class and this has increased self-confidence. 

We have also been in the process of writing a song with a professional songwriter, in partnership with another choir, in part of a national organisation. This was all possible because of Emmeline’s hard work and love for helping others, abled-bodied or not, to enjoy Makaton together.   

Emmeline is extremely kind and thoughtful and always open to including my ideas in our sessions. Seeing Emmeline brightens my day and music therapy with her is the highlight of my week. “