Music Lessons

ELM also provides a number of violin and piano lessons to children both with and without additional support needs. Emmeline has a variety of fun methods for doing this including motivational games and the use of Drake Music’s figure notes. These music lessons have led to some children performing in concerts at school.

She’s nice and always helps me and is a good teacher. My favourite part is when we play together.
Cerys, age 4

Piano lessons with Cerys

Emmeline is an excellent teacher and she helps me with things that are hard. I really love learning new notes and getting to play new songs. I wish she could come every day!
Isla, age 7

Violin lessons with Isla

Emmeline is so patient and has such a lovely manner. My kids really love her and always look forward to their lessons. She’s also come up with a fun way to encourage them to practice during the week. It’s been really exciting for me to hear them progress and to see how proud they are when they get the hang of something new.
Kathleen Thayne

”I really enjoy making music with Emmeline and she is always so nice to me and smiles a lot too!”

”Emmeline has been teaching my son music for years. He has been diagnosed with Autism so what started off as ‘Music Therapy’ has turned into something so much more. As time progressed Emmeline discovered that not only was music helping Jack but he was very musical. Jack can now play keyboard extremely well and can read music. With Emmeline’s constant support he has performed in front of teachers, classmates and was able to play songs on his Dad and I’s wedding day.

Emmeline is kind, patient and very talented. The bond that she has created with Jack is so very lovely to see. She is also very supportive and encouraging. I am happy Jack has someone like Emmeline in his life.”

Ashleigh Thom

“Emmeline is very good at teaching piano.  She is always smiling and is very patient. She makes everything clear for you understand and because of Emmeline I think I’m going to be a very good pianist!

Leon, age 11