Emmeline McCracken

ELM Music Therapy have had a wonderful time this Summer running music groups with the charity SensationAll, in Westhill, Aberdeenshire. Our particular favourite groups this Summer have been our journeys Up In The Sky and Under the Sea. When ‘Up in the Sky’ we sung songs about birds, aeroplanes and butterflies and when ‘Under the […]

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The World Conference of Music Therapy

  I was fortunate enough this Summer to attend the 15th World Conference of Music Therapy in Japan. It was an incredible experience to spend time with 2500 other music therapists, students and music therapy enthusiasts from all around the world, including Australia, New Zealand, China, America, Germany and many more. Not only was it

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SensationALL Singers

I have recently begun assisting in running a community choir in Westhill with the charity SensationAll. The idea and aims of the choir are to involve the whole community, with particular focus on involving those who have multiple support needs. The choir hopes to involve singing, signing, musical instruments and any other means in which

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Emmeline and Almin


I walked in to a room with about 12 children in it, they were all very shy and not making eye contact with myself and the other volunteers on the Balkans Music Camps 2014. Nigel Osborne began to play his infamous music from around the world game, whereby people choose a country and he plays

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